It’s getting freezing cold! Are you fed up with wearing boots, scarves and coat?
Take it easy and EXPRESS SUMMER! Let’s take the craziest picture you can and
participate in our photo contest! So put on your bikinis, sunglasses, flip-flops etc.

Be  creative and have fun!
How? Bring summer spirit in an unusual context, take pictures and upload them on our app and get more “likes” as possible.

The picture that gets more “likes” wins a gift card for two people that includes an incredible 4-course menu and experience an amazing Christmas themed dinner at A21 Dining!

  • The competition will run from November 13th to December 2nd.
  • Votes will be open from November 20th to December 2nd.
  • You’re allowed to post ONE personal picture and ONE group picture (groups pictures are made with 2 or more people).
  • Touched up photos are forbidden. Only tuning contrast, brightness and colors are allowed.
  • Every student from Metropolia UAS can participate and anyone can vote.
  • Good luck and… may the best win!!
  • Link: